C++ Developer

Your tasks:

  • implementation of business solutions,
  • analysis and maintenance of the existing code,
  • documenting implemented solutions,
  • performing code reviews in collaboration with other team members,
  • taking care of the code quality and compliance with the standards in force in the company.


Do you like challenges? We invite you on board if:

  • you have a minimum of 2 years of experience in C ++,
  • you know C ++ very well (11/14/17),
  • you know SQL language,
  • you are fluent in English in terms of communication and reading technical documentation.
  • you can and like to work in a team.


Additionally, we will appreciate:

  • knowledge of Qt and Boost libraries,
  • knowledge of Python,
  • experience in multi-threaded / multi-process programming,
  • knowledge of parsing issues,
  • knowledge of the Git version control system,
  • knowledge of the SCons tool,
  • ability to create portable code (MS Windows / Linux),
  • knowledge of network communication issues,
  • knowledge of database systems,
  • knowledge of agile management methods, especially Scrum and Kanban,
  • ability to write unit tests,
  • knowledge of the TDD (Test Driven Development) concept,
  • focus on creating high-quality code (clean code).


By joining TTSW you will have the opportunity to co-create software in the field of cybersecurity.

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