Android Developer

Your tasks:

  • feasibility analysis of new functionalities,
  • designing, writing source code, comments,
  • covering the source code with tests (unit and integration),
  • documenting the source code,
  • conducting code review and refactoring,
  • debugging,
  • software optimization in terms of performance and availability,
  • care for the high quality of manufactured solutions,
  • constant cooperation with other members of the project team,
  • participation in project meetings.


Do you like challenges? We invite you on board if:

  • you have a minimum of 2 years of experience as a programmer in creating mobile applications,
  • you have at least 3 projects in Java and / or Kotlin on your account,
  • you have a good command of spoken and written English,
  • you can work in an international team,
  • you understand what dependency injection is and have experience in at least one of these technologies: Dagger 2, Hilt, Koin
  • you have experience with: Retrofit, Jackson, Coroutines, Junit, Mockito, Room, Picasso, Databinding or their alternatives,
  • you have the ability to use the MVVM, MVC and VIPER patterns in practice,
  • you have experience in implementing projects with streaming media,
  • you can write unit tests,
  • you know WCAG 2.1 at AA level.


Additionally, we will appreciate:

  • ability to work with "lifecycle-aware components"
  • experience with: SQLite, RxJava 3 (+ RxKotlin)
  • ability to design the application layout using Jetpack Compose,
  • knowledge of the Firebase platform (especially notification handling),
  • experience in working with the camera API (Camera2, CameraX),
  • ability to create plugins in Gradle and good knowledge of this tool,
  • knowledge of issues related to the security of mobile applications and vulnerability to attacks,
  • practical knowledge of CI systems (Jenkins, GitLab) and understanding of how to create pipelines and builds,
  • knowledge of the HTTP protocol and tools such as Postman, Swagger.

By joining TTSW, you will have the opportunity to co-create proprietary solutions in the energy and gas market or take part in outsourcing projects in the electricity, gas, public or medical sectors.

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